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 NACEF, Northwest Area Childbirth Educators Forum, is an independent, non-profit, volunteer organization comprised of those who are advocates for the family and to promote current issues in maternal-child health and wellness.

NACEF’s purpose is to further the quality of childbirth education through strengthening the bonds between educators, family members, care providers and the organizations they represent.

Every year our Board dedicates itself to creating an event that will uplift and support birth workers and childbirth educators in the Pacific Northwest. In the past we have held like an annual conferences with guest speakers like Elly Taylor (author of Becoming Us), James McKenna, Penny Simkin and many local resources.


This year is different

Our 2019 conference will be our last, as NACEF will be dissolving after the conference. As such, we’re so proud and excited to announce that the upcoming conference will be our best, most impactful for our community. We’ve chosen a conference that honors the past, looks at our professionals status quo, and leads us into the future.

This conference is the most important learning opportunity you will have in the next year

This regional conference WILL SELL OUT!


Building Bridges: Moving from the Past into Our Future

This conference will be an intimate, relationship based conversation about the division between birth workers, the disparities during birth for People of Color- especially in Portland, the “birth bubble.”

This is for you who want to be an ally, who want to know when to speak up, when to stand up, how to better support People of Color.

This is for you, the birth worker of color who wants more support making a change. This is for you to identify ways to move across the bridge and work with allies.

Expect to come to this conference ready for self work, ready to pull your sleeves up, and ready to walk away with next steps, growth in how you can support people that look differently than you and work with people that look differently than you.

Our speakers will be presenting on racism as it relates to outcomes for People of Color, and how to build collaboration between birth professionals, and how to identify  and implement changes that can be made.

We welcome Dr. Sayida Peprah,  Licensed (Clinical) Psychologist & Maternal Mental Health Consultant. Dr. Peprah focuses on multicultural awareness and cultural competence/humility, and will speak at NACEF on Tran-sgenerational Resilience of the African American Woman in the Childbearing Year.

Currently, she is an instructor and consultant for the Association for Wholistic Maternal and Newborn Health, teaching cultural awareness, cross-cultural communication and perinatal mood disorder content.  Dr. Sayida is also an active member of the Black Women Birthing Justice Collective, promoting research, education and community-based services to positively transform birthing experiences of women of color.  Dr. Sayida recently served on the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, Maternal Suicide Review Committee, working with other health care providers and researchers to identify key factors in preventing maternal suicide.

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Further speakers will be announced shortly.



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