A Message from Jennifer

What a privilege it has been to serve NACEF as president for the last two years.  I do not believe that women get the opportunity, or take the opportunity, to indulge in acts of service that they absolutely, truly, enjoy.  The last two years have been exactly that and ones that I will treasure.

Being surrounded by fellow educators that have still have the passion and drive to execute a powerful class, and then bring that momentum to a monthly board meeting is intoxicating.  The women that comprise the NACEF board have worked on meaningful and sometimes difficult projects to extend our educational conferences, and they do it with glee.  Sometimes that work was strenuous at times, but it was equally joyful, humorous, and rewarding.  Leading this dedicated board is and honor and a priviliage.  It was such a surprise to be nominated, that NACEF thought that I was that competent to lead them.  But to actually do it and watch as members brought top flight speakers to our conference was beyond my wildest expectations.

Leaving this tenure as president, I can say I have been gifted by learning from an exceptional group and humbled that I can serve along with them.  To get the opportunity and take the time to be apart is truly a gift in itself.


Jennifer Fisher serves as the President of NACEF (through December 2013) and works at Legacy Health and OHSU as a Childbirth Educator. She is currently on the path to midwifery, and has a habit of running various relays and races to maintain her balance.