Childbirth Education in the US is ________.

This post originally appeared on the blog “Birth Happens” by Barb Buckner Suárez.


“Childbirth Education in the US is…” This was the monthly question posed at my NACEF meeting just yesterday. NACEF – Northwest Area Childbirth Educators Forum – is a nonprofit group that I’ve been a Board Member of since I began my career as a Childbirth Educator almost 16 years ago. NACEF’s purpose is to further the quality of childbirth education through strengthening the bonds between educators, family members, care providers and the organizations they represent. These monthly questions are how we begin each meeting by way of introduction and settling in for the work at hand.

After answering this question in the meeting, it stuck with me and wouldn’t let go until I wrote about it. Here’s what some of the other Board Members had to say in answer to this question: “Childbirth Education in the US is… disregarded, underserved, important, evolving, myth-busting, still imperative, complicated, and status quo.” I came in a few minutes late and didn’t get to hear the full discussion of what others had to say, but for my part I answered this question by saying: “Childbirth Education in the US is underrated and inconsistent.”

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