It’s Go Time

Krista Escobar, NACEF President

“I think it’s time!”

What comes to mind when you read that? For most of us I would wager we know exactly what that means. The moment you’ve been waiting for, dreaming about, planning, and maybe even stressing about, is here at last. All hands on deck, all systems go… our baby is on the way!

I am so not the first person to use childbirth as an analogy for the planning and completion of a huge project, opening a store, finishing a PhD paper, even running a marathon or climbing a mountain. The ebb and flow of the childbearing process is a natural comparison to the mental and emotional challenges of completing any number of difficult things. Although conference planning is not as physically strenuous as bringing human life into the world, it can be a long process with emotional ups and downs along the way. The results are always worth it and I am very proud of the conference we have planned for you this year.

Registration is open for our conference and NACEF is ready to give “Birth in Portlandia” on May 2nd. Thankfully none of the board members have to go through this birth alone, since hosting this event is truly a team effort. Rather than a “birth mom” and room full of doulas supporting her we have twelve board members all geared up and ready to birth the conference in May. We have researched and planned and dreamed and (yes) stressed… and now we’re about to push this baby out.

This year the NACEF board wanted to turn our focus toward the local resources available for educators in Portland. For attendees who live outside of the Portland-Metro area there will be techniques and information they can share with their home communities. Although the presenters are from the greater Portland area, the information they bring is universal. Our goal is to spend a day celebrating options for families of all configurations during the childbearing year… not just during the birth experience.

Details about our speakers, times, location, and pricing can all be found here on the NACEF web site. If you have questions, email the board at, infoatnacefdotnet. This is the last year that NACEF will be printing paper Save the Date cards so be sure to text NACEFPDX  to 22828 to join our mailing list.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in May, so be sure to say “hello” when you see me slow dancing with my support person.


Krista Escobar is serving as NACEF President for the 2014-2015 term. She teaches newborn care and breastfeeding for Providence and Legacy Health Systems, and is co-founder of Head Over Heels Birth Education. A Mom of two boys, she enjoys scraping jelly off furniture and freeing bugs from mason jars.