Meet Wayne Scott, 2016 NACEF Conference Speaker

Meet Wayne Scott, 2016 NACEF Conference Speaker Wayne Scott, 2016 NACEF conference speaker, Stress & Resiliency

We asked 2016 NACEF Conference speaker to share more about himself and what we will gain from this year’s conference on Stress & Resiliency. 


1)What is your job title and what exactly do you do in your field?

I am a therapist, teacher, and writer. I work with individuals and families impacted by trauma and I teach others about counseling skills. I also do a lot of training in non-progfit, community, and healthcare agencies on vicarious trauma, resilience, and self-care. I also write essays and memoir, some of which you can find on my website at

2) How did you get involved with this specific work – what’s the background story to why you do what you do?

I started working with trauma survivors as soon as I left graduate school. I used to marvel at how providing listening and compassion could make such a powerful difference in people’s lives.

3) What will your presentation at the NACEF Conference be about?

My presentation accesses and deepens participants’ awareness about the costs and benefits of high-stress work, the necessity for creating safety within their work environments, and the importance of developing a flexible personal strategy to negotiate the constant demands of work with crisis-prone clients. The presentation introduces the framework of interpersonal neurobiology and toxic stress to provide fresh language for understanding challenges.

4) What are you hoping the conference attendees will take away from your presentation into their own work with pregnant people and families?

Authentic connection to fellow travelers who do the same challenging work; appreciation for the personal sacrifices we make when working with folks impacted by trauma and adversity.

5) What are YOUR strategies for coping with stress? How do you take care of yourself so you can continue to take care of others?

Bikram yoga, running, spending time with my partner and children.