Getting to know Barb- NACEF 2017 President

Getting to know Barb- NACEF 2017 President

Portland Childbirth ConferenceMy name is: Barb Buckner Suárez

I’m originally from: Indianapolis, Indiana

My role/job in the birth world is: I’m a Health Educator, teaching Childbirth Preparation, Becoming Us Classes, & Comfort for Labor classes. I work for both OHSU & Legacy Health System. I train and mentor new educators and help create new curriculum. I write on my blog at and I’m currently hard at work on a couple of book projects. You can contact me at:

What I like most about where I am now in my career: Almost 20 years into my career, I’m happy that my passion for helping families prepare for the biggest transition of their lives is still so strong. I’m also excited to continue to expand in my career – I have recently completed training to be a Becoming Us Facilitator to help build families that thrive.

I went to school at (and/or am certified through): University of Dayton for my BA, but I received my training for Childbirth Preparation through The Seattle Midwifery School (now Bastyr University). I am a member of ICEA and a certified member of Lamaze as well as a Fellow in the American Academy of Childbirth Educators.

Other jobs I’ve had include: Retail, waitressing, various office monkey jobs, volunteer coordination.

Why I’m part of NACEF: Because I believe in the mission of being a local resource for continuing education and networking for all those who work with expectant and new families.

The most important thing I want you to know about me is: What you see is what you get. I think authenticity is the most important character attribute.

Random fun fact/Guilty Pleasure: I love dark chocolate and if I weren’t a CBE, I’d really like to be a Rock Star.

My family consists of (including your pets): Roberto (hubby), Elisa (17), Alejandro (14), Lucia (11), Felix (7)

My hobbies are: Writing, singing, dancing, hiking, reading

My favorite movie of all time is: Toss-up between Once & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

My favorite place to go, or thing to do on vacation is: Sit on a beach and watch the ocean.