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It’s Go Time

Krista Escobar, NACEF President

“I think it’s time!” What comes to mind when you read that? For most of us I would wager we know exactly what that means. The moment you’ve been waiting for, dreaming about, planning, and maybe even stressing about, is here at last. All hands on deck, all systems go… our baby is on the way! I… Read more »

Childbirth Education in the US is ________.

This post originally appeared on the blog “Birth Happens” by Barb Buckner Suárez. *** “Childbirth Education in the US is…” This was the monthly question posed at my NACEF meeting just yesterday. NACEF – Northwest Area Childbirth Educators Forum – is a nonprofit group that I’ve been a Board Member of since I began my career… Read more »

Celebrating Birth Days

It was on the Alberta falls ride with Hannah, my newly crowned nine year old, when I stopped apologizing for what seemed like such an extravagant birthday gift.  My brother had summed it up neatly, “What did you do for your ninth birthday?”  Three plus decades later, I have no idea.  And that was his… Read more »

New Year, New President

Krista Escobar, NACEF President

The conference room was a little cold, or was it warm? My hands were clammy. I had zero appetite, but at least I had (what I hoped resembled) a smile pasted on my face. A whisper inside my head told me I should probably just excuse myself and go back home. Many of the instructors… Read more »

A Message from Jennifer

What a privilege it has been to serve NACEF as president for the last two years.  I do not believe that women get the opportunity, or take the opportunity, to indulge in acts of service that they absolutely, truly, enjoy.  The last two years have been exactly that and ones that I will treasure. Being… Read more »

Memories That Stir Our Hearts

The holidays bring such a wealth of memories for me.  Memories to create and cherish creep in like the sun trying its hardest to warm us up on these brisk days. Two years ago, I thought I had the most brilliant idea.  Santa would bring my (then 5 & 8 year old) daughters kittens.  The… Read more »

Unexpected Outcomes: It’s about more than just the milk.

The August 2013 NACEF conference was about making decisions when babies have other plans, and how to process unexpected outcomes in general.  As a new board member, I was going through my own unexpected outcome around birthing and a wonderful new grandbaby and really benefited from the various perspectives the conference provided to my situation. … Read more »

Conference Gems: Doris Onnis

The warm days of summer might be well behind us, but the information we shared at our conference is timeless. One of our speakers, RN and IBCLC Doris Onnis, of Providence St. Vincent, and Lactation RN shared her Breastfeeding 101  helpful tips for new Moms and families. Click here to be taken to the article in… Read more »