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Getting to know Barb- NACEF 2017 President

Getting to know Barb- NACEF 2017 President

My name is: Barb Buckner Suárez I’m originally from: Indianapolis, Indiana My role/job in the birth world is: I’m a Health Educator, teaching Childbirth Preparation, Becoming Us Classes, & Comfort for Labor classes. I work for both OHSU & Legacy Health System. I train and mentor new educators and help create new curriculum. I write… Read more »

A Mother of Teens

  I was asked to do this blog and it’s taken me some time to actually write it.  Not just because my life is crazier than it’s ever been, but on some level, I think it’s because if I write about it, it will make it so. “A Mother of Teens” seems so foreign.  I… Read more »

Childbirth Education in the US is ________.

This post originally appeared on the blog “Birth Happens” by Barb Buckner Suárez. *** “Childbirth Education in the US is…” This was the monthly question posed at my NACEF meeting just yesterday. NACEF – Northwest Area Childbirth Educators Forum – is a nonprofit group that I’ve been a Board Member of since I began my career… Read more »

Celebrating Birth Days

It was on the Alberta falls ride with Hannah, my newly crowned nine year old, when I stopped apologizing for what seemed like such an extravagant birthday gift.  My brother had summed it up neatly, “What did you do for your ninth birthday?”  Three plus decades later, I have no idea.  And that was his… Read more »